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Kalorino KS Wood and Wood Pellets

Power range: from 15,8 to 31 kW

Kalorino KS a Pellet di Legna e Legna

Eco-sustainable solutions and customizable design for the customer’s house energy needs

Kalorino KS offers the emotion of the flame, allows you to uniformly heat the rooms of the house and furnish with taste and originality.


The advantages of the Tatano Kalorino KS electronic fireplace

  • It is a real design element with customized coatings, which allows to produce heat for heating and domestic hot water
  • It allows replacing or integrating traditional heating systems by saving on fuel and accessing tax incentives
  • It’s able to heat big spaces, even if arranged on several floors, using traditional systems: radiators, radiant pipes, convectors
  • It can be used as the only heat source, in synergy with gas/oil boilers or with solar thermal systems
  • It allows to reduce the costs of heating, but also the environmental impact, creating economic value and new opportunities for sustainable development
    • Power range
      from 15,8 to 31 kW
    • Power modulation range
    • Boiler class
      UNI EN 14785
    • Energy class (ErP)
      A+ | A++
    • Biomasses to be used
      Wood and wood pellets
    • Other compatible biomasses
      marc of olives, olive husks, minced shells, cereals waste
    • Operation
      with electronic digital control panel with touchscreen display
    • HSW production
      Through external water tank Through the integration with the solar thermal system
    • System types
      through high/low temperature (radiators, radiant panels, fan-coil)
    • Other features
      it has different versions - small, medium and large - and offers a wide range of uses, from a low energy consumption house to buildings with a greater heat requirement.

Design and technology for a greater autonomy

The Kalorino KS fireplace has a double combustion chamber, for pellets and wood, is hermetically sealed, has a refractory fire bed and a double auger mechanical burner with a bottom feed system.
The automatic electric ignition (also with the wood) and the autonomous maintenance of the embers require a minimum use of energy; the components with high energy efficiency guarantee extremely silent operation.
The thermo fireplace is produced with innovative technologies that allow the automatic ignition from wood to pellet operation.
The panoramic door in ceramic glass is provided with insulation, allowing the production of domestic hot water even in summer and without heating the rooms.

It has a double opening, up and down, to facilitate the loading of wood and the cleaning of the glass.

Maximum efficiency and safety

Tatano has always been attentive to the safety of all products.
The Kalorino KS fireplace is equipped with integrated safety devices: residual power dissipater, fuel level sensor and brazier overload, water/smoke temperature probes, automatic valve for combustion flue bypass, with safety lock and fault indication, for maximum operating safety.

Thanks to the double combustion, the thermo-fireplace boasts low emission levels, contributes to the protection of the environment and allows access to today's incentive programs.

Intuitive controls

The electronic fireplace has an intuitive touchscreen for adjusting the system; it is easy to use, allows you to choose different operating programs and to control the power with the modulation of the auger and the combustion fan. The climate control that can also be controlled remotely (from a PC or GSM) gives autonomy and freedom and allows you to modulate the temperature and power according to the housing needs.

Autonomy and security

The integrated fuel hopper (77 L/120 L) is equipped with a loading door, a level sensor and a dosing screw. This allows the constant and safe automatic feeding of granular biomasses to the brazier as well as long hours of system autonomy.

The hopper can be placed on three sides (right, left or back) offering a great flexibility of installation in any type of environment.

Simple maintenance

The heat exchanger, in addition to having an effective soot elimination system, guaranteed by the particular oblique positioning, is also equipped with a mechanical lever cleaning system to minimize cleaning interventions.
The thermo-fireplace requires simple cleaning of the combustion chamber ashes, thanks to the folding grate.

Plant layout

Kalorino KS a Pellet di Legna e Legna
Kalorino KS Wood and Wood Pellets
Power range: from 15,8 to 31 kW