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Kalorina 21 series

Power range: from 23 to 78 kW

Kalorina serie 21

Efficiency and practicality

Kalorina series 21 is a traditional wood-burning boiler with natural draft and an excellent quality-price ratio. With its bivalent and monovalent functioning provides for the heating and production of domestic hot water.

It is used in single and two-family homes, on farms and in small commercial businesses, both for new buildings and for the redevelopment of the heating system to replace old wood, diesel or LPG heating systems.


The advantages of Kalorina wood boiler 21 series:

  • It is ideal for those who can obtain wood autonomously, exploiting the local wooded areas
  • It is a practical solution in the case of modernization or completion of an existing plant
  • Offers considerable savings compared to traditional diesel or LPG systems
  • It has a clean and efficient wood combustion system
  • It is prepared for the installation of an auxiliary oil burner
  • It has a bivalent operation for the production of domestic hot water
  • Allows access to the tax deduction for redevelopment of buildings
  • It can be used as a single and efficient source of energy or in synergy with gas / oil boilers and solar systems
    • Power range
      from 23 to 78 kW
    • Boiler class (according to EN 303-5)
      class 3
    • Energy class (ErP)
      class A
    • Applications
      single and two family-houses, farms, small commercial activities, both for new buildings and for redevelopment
    • Biomasses to be used
      wood/wood briquettes, wood waste
    • Traditional fuels
      diesel oil, gas (after burner application)
    • Operation
      electro-mechanical, with combustion regulation based on the temperature thermostat
    • HSW production
      Integrated copper coil (in the standard models) External tank connection Integration with thermal solar system
    • System types
      through high/low temperature (radiators, radiant panels, fan-coil)
    • Other features
      constantly adjustable air damper with optimization of ignition and combustion. Wiring equipped with plug-in plugs

Heating with all the comfort

The Kalorina 21 series wood-burning boiler has a refractory fire top with grate and a large combustion chamber for a clean and efficient combustion.
The large door allows you to load wood in logs, wood briquettes or wood waste up to 50 cm long, ensuring long hours of operating autonomy.

Prepared for gas oil functioning

The Kalorina 21 series wood-burning boiler offers all the advantages of biomass boilers, but is also designed for the installation of a burner for oil-fired operation; the system is perfect for those who cannot guarantee manual feeding with wood or during periods of long absence.

Cleaning and practicality

The exchange surfaces and the combustion chamber can be easily cleaned thanks to the supplied kit. For the removal of ash there is a special ash tray that is easily accessible; a mechanical lever system on the boiler side removes the ashes from the flue gas chamber.

Comfortable management

The KALORINA 21 series wood-fired boiler can be easily regulated and allows a practical boiler management in all phases of operation through the temperature thermostat and the air damper, which can be constantly adjusted to optimize ignition and combustion.

Kalorina serie 21
Kalorina 21 series
Power range: from 23 to 78 kW