Optimal use of the available space

The buried pellet tank is a storage solution ready to use that allows you to store a large quantity of pellets, also ensuring the seasonal autonomy of the system, without having to sacrifice the interior spaces of the building or aesthetically compromise the external spaces such as gardens, courtyards, green areas.

Once the excavation has been carried out, the tank is positioned and covered leaving only the upper loading lid visible, on which one can safely walk or transit with the means of transport.
The transfer of fuel from the tank to the boiler is managed by the pneumatic feeding system.


  • With the storage of fuel in the Pellet Tank inside the house, you gain space;
  • It can be easily filled directly by the truck through the loading cover, in a practical, clean way, without raising dust and keeping the quality of the pellets intact;
  • The tank is absolutely airtight and offers maximum protection to the product to be stored, preventing the infiltration of air and therefore the formation of condensation;
  • Minimum expenditure for maintenance and cleaning of the fuel tank, necessary every 10 years.
    • Suitable for biomass like
      - Wood pellet class A1 and A2 (EN 14 961-2) - Olive husk, marc of olives, minced shells (EN 14961- 6)
    • System valid for
      - Pellet boiler Kalorina compact class MK25, K35 PV and BK25 series; - Kalorino KS Pellet fireplace (15,8 -31 kW); - Kalorina boilers K20 M, K22 E, K22 EPA, BK22 E and K24 E series (23-104 kW), boilers class 5 Kalorina LE-PA (Low Emission) series and Kalorina MK Low Emission series.
    • Tank filling system
      - pneumatic from the truck - with mechanical devices via the loading cover - manual loading of Big-Bag sacks.
    • Transfer system
      with pneumatic suction
    • Net capacity
      from 6 m³ / from 8 m³ / from 10 m³
    • Minimum underground quote
      460 mm

The Pellet Tank is a technically developed product, built in a vertical position and with a highly resistant sheet steel material.

Thanks to the structure without joints and seams, the tank is completely airtight.

The external coating in resin reinforced with anti-corrosive glass fiber and with cathodic protection up to 30,000 volts, prevents condensation.

The adjustable upper cockpit has a vehicle-grade galvanized manhole cover at a height of "0"; the fixed cockpit with external covering in fiberglass with galvanized cover and the internal access ladder complete the standard equipment of the tank.

The grounding connection system and the safety and fire protection devices supplied guarantee reliability and maximum safety in use.