Versatile, robust and reliable solution

This feeding system with leaf spring agitator is ideal for handling both wood chips and wood pellets and is adapted to customer needs with respect to diameter and length.

This extraction variant is suitable for circular or square deposits placed at the same level, next to the boiler compartment. In cases where there is a difference in height between the storage area and the boiler compartment, two types of recovery augers are available:

ascending auger with upward transfer and ascending auger with downward transfer.



  • Large storage volume and consequent autonomy of the system with minimal maintenance and cleaning interventions for the fuel depot.
  • Long durability and great resistance to wear of the auger thanks to the stainless-steel spiral, as well as to the transmission developed especially for heavy loads.
  • No danger of overloading the auger channel thanks to the optimized channel shape and the particular progressively ascending spiral.
  • Optimal use of the deposit volume, even in the installation without the inclined plane, thanks to the possibility of adapting the diameter and length to the specific needs, with minimal expenditure for the design and assembly by the craftsman.
  • Optimal emptying of the deposit thanks to the homogeneous pressure exerted on the whole diameter of the spring agitator.
  • Low energy consumption thanks to the reduction of friction in the augers and energy-efficient gear motors.
    • Suitable for biomass like
      - Wood chips class A1, A2 and B1 up to grain P16S (G30), according to norm EN 14961- 4; - Sawdust (EN 14961- 3); - Wood pellet class A1 and A2 (EN 14 961-2).
    • System available for
      wood chips model Kalorina K23 E, K23 EPA, BK23 E and K25 E (23-104 kW), boilers Class 5 for the Kalorina LE-PA (Low Emission) series with cylindrical hopper.
    • Deposit filling system
      with mechanical devices
    • Geared motor group
      230 Volt (single phase)
    • Shaker diameter (Ø)
      2 - 3 m
    • Standard length
      3 m
    • Maximum length
      4.5 m (at intervals of 50 cm)
    • Maximum loading height of pellets
      2.45 m / 1.40 m, with 12 ° inclination angle
    • Maximum wood chipped height
      4.2m / 2.3m, with 12°inclination angle
    • Maximum capacity
      1625 Kg pellets / 950 Kg wood chips

The leaf spring agitator is an energy saving system built in a particularly robust way for continuous and efficient operation.
Thanks to its versatility it adapts itself to the constructive characteristics of the deposit with the possibility of assembly with an inclined or non-inclined structure.
The spherical joint ensures a flexible connection between the transport system and the boiler hopper, with the possibility of adapting the inclination and angle to the needs of the building.

The floor stirrer is equipped with strong leaf springs provided with extra reinforcements and adaptable at a distance of half a meter, which guarantee an optimal collection and emptying of the fuel from the deposit.


Special progressive conveyors are mounted on a solid shaft and on double ball bearings, which guarantee an easy transport of the fuel inside the optimized channel in order to reduce friction resistance, with less wear and low power consumption.

The entire transport system, including an agitator, is driven by the geared motor unit and thanks to active electrical monitoring, the regulation immediately detects if too much force is being used for transport by sending the system into a safety lock.

The SCB01 leaf spring agitator consists of:

  • Geared motor unit (suitable for fuel flow).
  • Floor-mounted agitator with reinforced leaf spring arms.
  • Two progressive augers within the transport channel.
  • Spherical joint for connection to the boiler hopper.
  • Automatic operation based on capacitive sensors, with electronic control.