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5 Stars Blu Evo Pellet boiler

Power range: 16 to 41 kW


Blu Evo pellet gasification boiler: the evolution of heat

The new range of Blu Evo pellet boilers represents the latest dimension of gasification technology for pellets and contains the experience and expertise of over 30 years of research to offer you efficient and clean heating.

Thanks to the continuous improvement work, this boiler offers a very high-level technology, making it today the optimal solution for those who want to modernize or replace their heating system. The numerous powers available make it suitable for single and semi-detached houses, condominiums, public buildings and small businesses, ensuring low emissions, high performance and optimal adaptation of power to the building requirements.


The advantages

  • Lower consumption of pellets thanks to the gasification technique with significant savings on heating costs.
  • Reduced dimensions, quick installation and reduced maintenance.
  • Flexible solutions and customized design for fuel storage and withdrawal
  • From the puffer to the group for the heating circuit, to the optional solar system: everything is easy to integrate a self-sustaining heating system.
  • Innovative combustion technique, CO2 neutral, which reduces emissions of fine dust to a minimum, even without a particulate filter.
  • Classified in the highest energy efficiency class A ++ and certified CLASS 5 (EN303-5: 2012), with a 5-star environmental class (according to Ministerial Decree 186/2017).
  • For all power ranges from 16 to 41 kW the maximum “premium for reduced dust” coefficient has been reached.
  • Immediate savings thanks to the incentives provided: Eco bonus, Bonus Casa, Super bonus 110% and Conto Energia Termico.
  • With integration into hybrid systems: solar thermal, photovoltaic or heat pump it becomes even more ecological and allows greater savings in money.
    • Power range
      from 16 to 41 kW
    • Power modulation range
    • Boiler class (according to EN 303-5: 2012)
      Class 5
    • Energy Class (ErP)
      Class A ++
    • Environmental class
      5 Stars (D.M. 186/2017)
    • Applications
      single or multi-family homes and condominiums both in the case of redevelopment and new systems
    • Biomass to use
      Wood pellets EN ISO 17225-2
    • Operation
      electronic digital regulation of combustion via touchscreen display
    • DHW production
      Through the external boiler and / or solar thermal integration
    • Type of system
      - The integration of the boiler with the puffer is mandatory to maximize energy efficiency and offer excellent performance for the heating system and DHW production - high and / or low temperature (radiators, radiant panels, fan coils)
    • Other characteristics
      The intelligent touch regulator measures the total energy balance, optimizes consumption thanks to the online connection and stores excess energy in the puffer. This allows for further fuel savings and to make the most of your energy system

The new combustion technology with exclusive patent developed by Tatano

The unique combustion technology developed by Tatano based on three essential elements: the gasification of the pellets, the patented reactor and the combustion chamber sensor allows a highly efficient combustion, with low NOx and CO emissions, ensuring high savings and eco-friendly operation. The Blu Evo offers greater standard efficiency thanks to the gasification technique, which almost completely exploits the energy content of the pellets, lowering consumption and heating costs.

The underlying principle is the use of the filtering action of the fuel: The pellet is loaded from below into the reactor through the feed screw, with automatic ignition and continuous control of the filling level through a float. After ignition, a bed of embers is formed in the lower part. The overlying pellet is charred by the heat. This layer acts as an activated carbon filter.
The pellet gas emerges from the embers bed and rises through the coal and the unburnt pellet, (filtering the fine dust) and passes into the post-combustion chamber lined with refractory cement for complete oxidation.

In this way the combustion of the pellet gas takes place only above the unburned pellet.
The sensor in the combustion chamber automatically detects the energy content of the pellets, adapting the temperature of the combustion chamber and the adjustment parameters and based on this data, regular combustion is ensured greater flexibility in heating and an excellent efficiency of 98.5%, at partial load and at minimum power.

Design and compactness, for easy planning, installation and maintenance

The Blue Evo pellet boiler combines exceptional technical features with a versatile and minimalist design that allows installation both inside and outside the technical rooms, easily integrating into different environments. Compact and already pre-assembled on the laying platform, it facilitates transport, installation in very small rooms, on the wall or in corners and passes through all standard doors.

The integrated pellet hopper, with manual loading, can be easily expanded thanks to the pneumatic transport systems to ensure greater autonomy of the system. The cleaning system of the exchange surfaces and the agitator for removing the ashes of the combustion chamber ensure uninterrupted operation without problems, with discharge in the special built-in ash drawers, well insulated and watertight. The boiler adjustment is optimized in order to have long cleaning and ash emptying intervals, with automatic message / warning on the display for maximum ease of use and minimum maintenance, thanks also to the accessibility on three sides.

Highly technological safety devices guarantee operational reliability and safety in every phase of boiler operation:

Integrated safety heat exchanger, level sensors, anti-freeze function and weather protection devices, safety limiters for boiler block and automatic error signaling. Furthermore, the possibility of integrating the hydraulic unit complete with pumps, plate heat exchanger, expansion circuit and 3 bar safety valves as an accessory on the machine, guarantees maximum operating safety.

In the event of a blackout, the integrated UPS unit and the double suction fan ensure operation until the machine is switched off to expel the exhaust gases and prevent overheating of the water in the boiler.

Comfort Blue Evo for your Smart Home

Essential boiler, maximum power, automatic operation, touchscreen for easy use and remote management of all functions thanks to the 4 Heat app supplied;
The boiler control can be connected to the most common home automation systems, ensuring an even better room climate and lower heating costs. You do not need to go to the boiler room to change the settings, you can do it conveniently by accessing the boiler via the app on your smartphone, tablet or PC at any time, wherever you are.

With your consent, the Tatano assistance service can use the remote assistance function to check the settings of your pellet boiler at any time and, if necessary, to eliminate any errors.

The pneumatic loading system

The integrated pellet hopper, with manual loading, can be easily expanded thanks to the pneumatic transport systems to ensure greater autonomy of the system. With a long fuel autonomy, the system is certainly more comfortable and does not require constant control by the user.

The pneumatic loading system is available in three different sizes in order to meet every need. It is possible to choose between the models of 200 lt, 500 lt, 1000 lt. In this way it is possible to guarantee a long autonomy even with small spaces. The system is safe, silent and the entire circuit is clean
required at the end of the season.

The loading system allows the hopper to be positioned at a distance of 5 meters from the boiler with a difference in height of 3 meters.

Sistema di caricamento pneumatico

Pneumatic loading system

The pneumatic loading system it’s used for transfer the biomass from the distant deposits from the boiler room or from a support storage hopper and directed to the boiler hopper.

It can be used for wood pellets class A1 and A2 (EN 14 961-2) or other biomass compatible for grain size EN 14961-6.

The system is compatible with the pellet boilers for the Kalorina MK25, K35 PV and BK25 series, the Kalorino KS Pellet fireplaces (15.8 -31 kW), the Kalorina K20 M, K22 E, K22 EPA, BK22 boilers and K24 E (23-104 kW), the class 5 boilers Kalorina LE-PA series (Low Emission) and the Kalorina MK Low Emission series.

The pneumatic system and the withdrawal are not included in the Tatano product line.

Tatano recommends the Advance Easy Moving system.

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5 Stars Blu Evo Pellet boiler
Power range: 16 to 41 kW