Sostenibilità ambientale

Sustainability and efficiency

Sustainability and efficiency

The main focus of Tatano are the processes that are directly linked to the product life cycle, as well as the ecological aspects related to energy efficiency, environmental emissions, biodiversity and social aspects, such as work and health protection, employee training and satisfaction .


Eco-friendly heating is possible through:


  • Energy supply of neutral CO2 in all commercial and production locations. Thermal energy supplied exclusively from renewable energy sources such as biomass boilers combined with solar panels;
  • Design according to criteria of efficiency and longevity of the final product so as to significantly reduce energy consumption and natural resources for the customer;
  • Adoption of “green” materials for safer products and industrial processes;
  • Organization of production processes and logistics to sustainability in order to promote resource efficiency and environmental protection.


Tatano is committed to spreading important issues on energy culture, on good practices in the sustainable development sector and in particular on renewable energies with the creation of a particular character like Kalo. Through projects like Treedom, Tatano protects and creates sustainable forests considering that, if managed correctly, they can provide abundant resources for a very long time.

Tatano Green Project supports reforestation projects in Sicily and Kenya, contributing to the fight against the mafia and poverty.