Family and company, an inseparable combination

The complete synthesis between the family system and the company system is the real plus of Tatano. The values of the family are the same as those of the company: loyalty, honesty, transparency, reliability, trust, they lived bilaterally as a company and as an entrepreneurial family and find themselves perfectly rooted at every company level.

Cooperative and family management has allowed Tatano to achieve its goals, combining with skill the flexibility of the artisan creativity to the highest technologies of the serial processing of the metal.

Staff, collaborators, partners and suppliers, fully reflect the logic of an entrepreneurial family that today looks to the future under the guidance in the second generation of the Tatano brothers’ sons.

It was in 1975 when the Tatano brothers founded the company

In a constantly evolving sector such as energy, Tatano operates by guaranteeing avant-garde products made according to the most innovative environmental sustainability systems.

From the project to the realization and to the assistance: biomass, pellet and wood chips boilers, wood-burning fireplaces or pellets, Tatano follows its 360-degree development, thus becoming the only supplier for the entire system.

The serial nature of industrial production on the one hand, the creativity of unique craft pieces on the other, characterize the company production.

It was in 1975 when the Tatano brothers founded the company that, little by little, conquered increasing slices market, succeeding in establishing itself in Italy and then expanding significantly also abroad. Forty years after its birth, the company obtained partners in Europe and the world, but the link with the territory is indissoluble.

Successes obtained thanks to the deep knowledge of the sector, to the innate propensity to innovation, to the constant commitment of a family capable of transmitting corporate values at all levels of the organization.