Company values

Quality, innovation, technological craftsmanship, reliability and competence.
The customer is at the centre of Tatano. Each product is born starting from a careful analysis of his needs and expectations.


The customer is at the centre of Tatano. Each product is born starting from a careful analysis of his needs and expectations. Skills and professionalism meet in the realization of the final product, in a group work based on mutuality integration and a strong team spirit.

Coherent projects, optimal choice of materials, innovative production processes allow maximum excellence in the quality of the products offered.

Moreover, Tatano boasts several quality certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001 since 2000 with consequent updating to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, company quality system that certifies the product / service and related process realization; UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 that certifies the work of the company with the utmost respect of the environment during the entire production cycle; BS OHSAS 18001 since 2014, International certification for the management system of health and safety at work.




In a constantly evolving sector such as energy, keeping up with the times means knowing how to listen and adapt to changes, but not only.

Tatano has always invested in research and generates new ideas in a constant perspective improvement of products and production processes, without forget the respect for the environment.

The best use of natural resources and minimizing energy waste are the principles that inspire the research and development of innovative biomass heating systems in CLASS 5 with high energy efficiency, such as Kalorina LE (Low Emission), concrete contribution to the protection of the biosphere through the use of renewable fuels.


Technological Craftsmanship

High technology at the service of the rigorous design of the customer's "made-to-measure" product. The real plus of the company consists in the creation of customized systems, often unique pieces, with the use of the most advanced production techniques. Tatano presents himself to the market, carrying on two souls: the processing of metal in series and the production of customized products, developed on the specific needs of the customer.



Tatano places loyalty at the centre of relationships with customers, suppliers and intermediaries. This guarantees the full reliability of the company, in a climate of mutual cooperation and trust, always in the sign of maximum professionalism. .



Professionals in the field, qualified technicians with extraordinary skills make Tatano a solid and safe company. Tatano supports both staff and business partners with courses and training, providing them with the necessary knowledge and useful tools to achieve a common success: continue to be synonymous with high quality standards.