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In a constantly evolving sector such as energy, Tatano operates by guaranteeing cutting-edge products made according to the most innovative environmental sustainability systems.
From design to construction and assistance: whether they are biomass boilers, pellets and wood chips, wood-burning fireplaces or pellets, Tatano follows its 360-degree development, becoming the only supplier for all the system.

The serial nature of industrial production on the one hand, the creativity of unique craft pieces on the other, characterize the company production.



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Sostenibilità ambientale

Environmental sustainability

Tatano has always been attentive to the environment with sustainable products with high-quality standards and projects of environmental sustainability.


Kalò and Tatano Green Project. Contribute yourself to the growth of the Tatano forest

Important corporate project on energy culture, with the aim of spreading good practices in the sector of the sustainable development and in particular of the renewable energies.