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Smart Mobile Energy - Bio Container

Power range: from 151 to 1 MW

Smart Mobile Energy - Bio Container

Biomass energy ready for use

Tatano mobile combustion systems are biomass heat generators (water or hot air) equipped with accessories and placed in special containers, or in external containment structures (shelter).

The Container burning systems can be used for a wide range of applications because they can be put into operation by adapting completely to the available spaces and in total autonomy. They are complete heating solutions realized on specific customer needs and in full compliance with regulations. .



  • They produce immediate thermal energy for the system
  • They can be placed outside and connected to the system
  • They are perfect in case of emergency, for temporary installations, in case of conversion of an existing system or in the absence of available space
  • They guarantee heating in the event of scheduled maintenance of the existing thermal power plant
  • They allow the use of renewable fuel, at low cost and with reduced emissions of greenhouse effect
  • They are easily transportable between different sites of use
  • The external design can be adapted to the surrounding environment for minimal environmental impact and landscape protection.
  • They are ideal for both temporary and long-term rental services (contracts for outsourcing)
  • They allow to make contracts for the supply of thermal energy with the management service included (ESCo)
  • They offer incentives in the Thermal Energy Account as well as Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) with the Class 5 boilers inside the containers.
    • Power range
      from 151 to 1 MW
    • Hours of annual operation
      from 1500 to 5000
    • Vector fluid
      water / air
    • Applications
      large buildings, commercial, agricultural, forestry, public bodies, new buildings and redevelopment
    • Biomasses to be used
      Wood chips, wood pellets, wood
    • Other compatible biomasses
      sawdust, shavings, olive husk, minced shells, cereals waste
    • Type of execution
      containers or external containment structures
    • Types of containers
      single, double, one or two floors, containers for wood chips or pellets
    • Containment walls
      in simple corrugated steel sheet or insulated with insulating sandwich panels in class 0
    • Supporting structure
      in high-resistance profiles, with steel corner blocks at the ends
    • Floor
      in steel sheet
    • Roof
      composed of cold-pressed panels, ribs for the outflow of rainwater and/ or for fuel loading.
    • Doors
      with aluminum locks and Allen key
    • Ventilation grates
      of adequate surface for the generator power, complete with internal anti-volatile grates.

Tatano mobile combustion systems allow different configurations and offer flexible technical solutions according to requirements, for example:

  • The container or the external containment structure of the heat generators, according to available space, power and type of operation
  • The fuel storage container, which can be integrated or separated with left or right positioning
  • Integrated fuel extraction and transport within the storage container
  • The hydraulic type roof for wood chip container projects
  • The walls with loading nozzles from tanker trucks to pellet containers
  • The forced draft chimney system with flue for the evacuation of exhaust gases
  • The complete measurement and control systems according to the characteristics of the system
  • The Finishing and external painting in accordance with the particular requests of the customer
  • The supply of security signs


Various supplies and executions are available upon request which Tatano guarantees for maximum efficiency and comfort in the use of mobile combustion systems:

  • Supply of empty external containment structures for the completion of the installation part
  • Integration in the containment structure of puffer batteries and/or solar systems
  • Electric panel with customized functions
  • Special safety devices according to needs and type of application
  • Internal service and emergency light for night-time interventions
  • Remote system monitoring
Smart Mobile Energy - Bio Container
Smart Mobile Energy - Bio Container
Power range: from 151 to 1 MW