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Kalorina Mini K Low Emission

The range of Mini K Low Emission boilers is the result of a continuous technological evolution, also awarded by Conto Energia Termico (Thermal Energy Account).

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Fiera del Mediterraneo 2019

One of the historic fairs in Italy, with 70,000 square meters of surface area, Mediterranean Fair is the largest fair in Sicily with many pavilions and external exhibition areas.

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33 MW installed in an Eco-sustainable greenhouse

High-tech biomass system with low environmental impact.

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Redeem your incentive.

Do you want to replace a biomass or diesel generator? Depending on your climate zone and the power of the boiler you can receive up to 65% on your current account.

A complete range of products for residential heating and for large areas

Tatano Green Project

Kalò and Tatano Green Project. Contribute yourself to the growth of the Tatano forest

Important corporate project on energy culture, with the aim of spreading good practices in the sector of the sustainable development and in particular of the renewable energies.