Technical support Services


The Company Tatano puts at your disposal, through its network of technical assistance,
a reliable and qualified service from the first ignition, the annual maintenance required by
current standards to maintenance and extraordinary repair interventions

First ignition

Once the installation made by a qualified technician, Tatano offers the first ignition of the boiler,
provided that it is carried out by its own authorized service centre.

This operation, in addition to optimizing the boiler functioning from the beginning according to the characteristics of the system, it is a necessary condition for the activation of the Tatano standard warranty (see warranty conditions). Within 30 days of installation of a Tatano boiler, the customer should contact the Authorized Service Centre to perform the initial activation of his boiler. During this operation, the customer may request the Technical explanations on the use of the boiler. It will be compiled and released the report of operation as well as the Warranty Certificate.

The services provided by the service network Tatano during the first Ignition are not to be considered in any way as a system testing. In fact, as required by laws, these are obligations and responsibilities that compete with other authorized persons.


Regulation: the maintenance of the boilers is regulated by DPR 412/93-551/93 e D.Lgs. 
192/05-311/06 and subsequent amendments, requiring the responsible for the boiler to run by professionally qualified staff some periodic maintenance interventions.

In order to optimize the efficiency of the heating system with a reduction in consumption and air pollution, Tatano recommends you:

•   The Ordinary Maintenance and the smokes Analysis each year every 2 years
    (for boilers with <35 kW rated power)

•   The ordinary maintenance and the Smokes Analysis every year
    (for boilers with > 35 kW rated power)

Tatano also recommends running a technical control, adjustment and maintenance of your boiler during the summer semester. In this way you can safely go to the next winter meeting with the sensation of heat in a safe and efficient manner.

The Authorized Technical Service may perform these services and provide important information about the opportunity to sign a Maintenance Contract Program suited to the needs of each customer which means:

•   Respect of all Laws in force
•   Increased safety
•   Longer life of the product
•   Environment respect

Extraordinary Interventions

In this category, fall all the interventions made by the Tatano CAT directly and by the technicians as required by maintenance contracts tailored for the customer.

Service "7 days on 7"

Over the winter months, our customers are unlikely to stay cold inside their houses.
One of our technicians will be available to perform remote maintenance in case of faults or block of the boiler, both for urgent interventions on site.

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