Technical support Warranty


When a customer purchases a Tatano heating system, he receives a product edge and
also a solid and lasting partnership. The success is mostly based on the maximum
customer satisfaction.

The European Consumer Sales Directive 99/44/EC certain aspects of sales and
warranties of consumer products, directly involves the sales ratio between the seller and
the consumer.

Although Tatano is not the final seller towards the consumer, he will support the seller
responsibilities with a Conventional guarantee, provided through its technical support
organization (see the standard warranty conditions).

Tatano is always On the Customer's Side by recognizing:

2 years warranty on all models and the first ignition provided by the
Technical Assistance Centre 

5 years warranty for solar systems

Excluded from the warranty are the cleaning and the routine maintenance.

For the activation of the conventional warranty, Tatano searches the Technical Assistance
Centre closer to the customer consulting the Technical Assistance Centres page in this
section of the site.

For more information download the Warranty conditions in pdf format.

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