Renewable energies Wood heating


Natural fuel

Wood is one of the most precious materials mother nature given us; it is a clean
and renewable energy. In recent decades there has been abuse in the production of
fossil fuels, as well as being exhaustible resource energy, it produces a negative impact on
the environment. The rediscovery of the natural wood as fuel is linked to the increasing
attention to environmental protection.

Wood is a solar energy storehouse 

The use of renewable energy systems means to have a free clean energy.
Wood burns without producing sulphur emissions and harmful carbon dioxide (CO2).
During combustion, in fact, it releases the energy stored during the photosynthesis process.
In addition, wood, when burned properly, generates the same amount of carbon dioxide (CO2)
absorbed by the plant during its growth, thereby respecting the nature cycle.

Wood is an environmentally friendly, economic, renewable and locally
available energy source

F.lli Tatano Snc