Renewable energies Wood Chips heating


Low cost "Green" Energy Efficiency

Wood chip is obtained from the fragmentation of various types of wood and can be
produced from agricultural and forestry waste or dedicated crops. It is a renewable energy
source and, like other wood-cellulosic biomass,  it represents the raw material for the
vegetable species growth in a closed cycle on a global scale.
Wood chips fuel offers economic, environmental and practical benefits and combines low
cost wood heat production with the need for an automatic and eco-friendly combustion system.

Advantages for small and medium-sized companies and public buildings: 

•  Reasonable price and maximum comfort

•  It is not subject to price fluctuation because it is available locally 

•  Independence from oil and gas fuels

•  Guaranteed supply from local farms

•  Efficient boilerS and low energy consumption 

Advantages for farmers: 

•  Enhancement of residual wood

•  Additional revenue from wood chips sale

•  Mechanized production

•  Savings in working time with the automatic heating system

•  Efficient boilers and low energy consumption

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