Solar panels Forced circulation

Solar Systems - Forced circulation

Technology and energy conservation

Forced circulation solar systems are high profile system solutions for hot water used in
residential houses. They are more complex Solar systems than the natural circulation
systems because of the equipment and the control devices used, but because it's also
possible to customize the tank positioning for big dimensions.
Solar systems energy conservation and technology give a high boiler efficiency.

Main destination:

•  Small, medium and large places

The complete system solution consists of:

•  Solar Collectors CS-TINOX, single tank, very high insulation and efficiency,
   selective absorber Tinox

•  Vertical insulated and rigid tank, double coil, complete with solar control system

•  Solar controller which detects, through sensors, the panel and boiler temperature,
   giving consent to the electric pump

•  Expansion tanks, designed to withstand the high temperatures

•  Antifreeze, non toxic, biodegradable and biocompatible liquid

•  Fastening systems, for collectors installation on the roof or flat surfaces


•  Greater installation flexibility: the tank can be installed in any environment of your house
   but the panels can be placed in areas where there is a greater exposure to sunlight

•  All necessary elements for easy installation and integration with the boiler will be supplied

•  Modularity of solar systems that allows connecting two or more collectors to obtain
   centralized solar systems

•  Reduced maintenance time

•  Save up to 70% of water heating needs

•  Low thermal emission, high efficiency with low sunlight exposure


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