Solar panels Natural circulation

Solar Systems - Natural circulation

Simplicity, efficiency and energy conservation

The operating principle of a natural-circulation boiler is quite simple.
It optimizes the capture of solar energy that reaches the earth's surface producing
hot water by convective heat transfer, which allows the movement within the solar panel
heat exchanger.
Because of its high-efficiency, it ensures functioning even at low temperatures.
Natural circulation solar systems consist of pre-assembled components that ensure a
quick and safe installation. It isn't necessary to install a pump or some electronic controls.
The panels can be connected in parallel to provide a large scale hot sanitary water (HSW)

Main destination:

•  Users and families

Solar systems are pre-assembled and consist of:

•  The flat plate collector with TINOX selector allows high power consumption and
   minimal emissions

•  The plate is welded to rectangular copper tubes containing liquid for the heat transfer system
   with antifreeze. The aluminium tank gives the panel strength and stability

•  Reflective Tempered safety glass with micro-prism

•  The 160 and 200 litres enamelled steel tank with dual insulated chamber and high density
   polyurethane foam is equipped with a magnesium anode and electrical resistance

•  Installation systems on pitched roofs or flat surfaces


•  Easy installation and fast integration to the boiler

•  Easy hydraulic fittings system

•  Easy operation: circulator and electronic controls not required

•  Reduced maintenance time

•  Save up to 70% of water heating needs

•  Low thermal emission, high efficiency with low sunlight exposure


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