Biomass boilers System components

The possibility to buy many accessories from one dealer ensures a reliable and secure
system functioning.
Tatano experience in the overall planning allows to choose between all available accessories
the most efficient solution for your project.

Articulated Extraction systems and SCB01/SCB02
The mechanisms of withdrawal from the silo and the fuel transport have a great importance.
It's for this reason that we offer the most suitable sampling system available for the environment
and the type of fuel used.
The extraction systems with articulated feeder and SCB01/SCB02 are ideal for small, medium
and high power systems.

Pneumatic cleaning system (optional)
A clean heat exchanger is important to ensure the boiler performance and lifetime.
The pneumatic cleaning system removes the ashes inside the heat exchanger via short blasts
of compressed air, during time intervals, along the tubes releasing the walls by the
particles that are deposited.
In this way we substantially reduce the maintenance and interventions operations

Cleaning system inside the combustion chamber
The cleaning around the brazier ensures an excellent combustion.
Depending on the size of the installation you can match to the ash removal system of the
combustion chamber, already present as standard in some models, the injectors of air
automatically adjustable by emitting jets of air, conveying the ash to the channels where
collection is drawn from the extractor augers.

Economizer for the heat recovery from the smokes
Part of the exhaust gas with a reduced content of oxygen is brought back towards the
combustion chamber.
Thanks to the mixture with the primary air it ensures a complete degassing of the fuel, allows to
educe the temperature inside the combustion chamber, the particulate emissions and ensures a
long life of the combustion system.
The efficiency is improved by 3-7%.

Dust collector (Optional) 
The dust collector minimizes the emission of dust through the filtering of the exhaust gas
thanks to the integrated double cyclone or multi-cyclone.
The dust collector is supplied with a fan positioned at the sides or top and with electronic control
and management.

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