Biomass boilers Bio container



The power systems range is from 23 kW to 1162 kW with plug and play connection. 
The heated containers are the ideal cheap solution, for short-term energy needs, in case
of exhibitions or restructurings and for longer periods of time in places where there is
not enough space.
According to the application and architecture requirements, the containers can be single,
double, with one or two floors, manufactured in compliance with all standards for the
prevention of fire. The containers are ideal for municipal and industrial buildings.

The container is equipped with:

•  Boiler room 

•  Storage Area

•  Fuel Extraction and transport 

•  Water system (plug-and-play)

•  Wirings

•  Flue installation

•  Ventilation and exhaust systems

•  Safety devices

Container Advantages:

•  Low cost fuel

•  Renewable fuel and low greenhouse gas emission

•  Easy to be connected to existing buildings

•  Energy efficient space heater

•  Space heating saving (in case of lack of space)

•  Easy transportation from one place to another

•  Ideal for heating in emergency situations (Mobile Energy Service)

•  A solution that facilitates the use of highly specialized staff

•  Engineering economic cost  saving but maintaining the highest
   possible technical standards

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