Biomass boilers Solutions for customized systems

The combustion systems Tatano are used for hot water and hot air production, or cogeneration
electricity and thermal heating. The type of fuel and other requirements specified by the
customer determine the type of combustion system: auger, mobile grille, or mixed systems.

According to the specific requirements of the customer, the specialists Tatano make
tailor-made solutions. As a complete solution is also available a mobile heating plant in containers or on skids.

Transport Systems for the fuel:
•  Mixing and Dosage Tanks 
•  Motorized augers
•  180° Articulated feeder 
•  Leaf springs extractor 

Conveying systems
•  Auger Conveyors
•  Pneumatic conveying systems

Combustion chamber
•  Combustion Chamber from151 kW to 2,5 MW heat output

Auger or mobile grille burners
•  Burners from 151 kW to 2,5 MW heat output

Heat exchanger 
•  Heat exchanger from 151 kW to 2,5 MW heat output
•  Hot water
•  Hot air

Flue gas cleaning systems
•  Dual cyclone separators
•  Multi-cyclone separators

Management and control systems 
•  Electronic management systems
•  Easy remote maintenance via GSM and Web

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