Biomass boilers Storage systems for big powers

Extraction system with articulated feeder

The 180° articulated  feeder is a transport system particularly suitable to realize the transfer and
dosage of pellets or other biomass similar for size, from the boiler storage hopper through the
cockpit until the dosing auger. The construction is in painted carbon steel and, on demand, it will
be made in stainless steel 304 or 316.

The device is suitable for pellets in compliance with: ONORM M7135, NORM DIN 51731, and

The articulated feeder includes:

1   A moto-vario-reducer (adjusted depending on the fuel flow rate).
2   A Conveyor tube with three relief vents.
3   The helicoids which, rotating on its axis, exerts a component of axial thrust on the
     conveyor tube fuel.
4   A Kit of capacitive sensors that regulates the extraction auger, generating intervals with
     optimal placement of fuel and minimum energy consumption.
5   The Automatic operation via electronic control unit interfaced to the boiler control panel.
6   A Anti-fire Valve.


•   Maximum operational safety.

•   Horizontal and inclined transport of the fuel by adjusting the angle.

•   Large storage volume and autonomy of the system.

•   Great ration quality/performance.

Extraction system SCB01/SCB02

The extraction system SCB02 is an excellent solution that offers important advantages in the
fields of medium and high powers applications. It is suitable for G30 wood chips and industrial
wood chips up to G50, W 25% (ONORM 7133).

The system SCB02 includes:

1   A floor agitator with strong leaf springs (Var. diam. from 3 to 4 m).
2   Two progressive and massive augers mounted upon the hollow shaft and ball bearings.
3   A Joining ball.
4   A Automatic functioning with sensors (min / max) and electronic control.


•   Maximum operational safety.

•   Optimal feeding for any type of storage compartment (square, circular, rectangular).

•   Large storage volume and  system autonomy.

•   Great ratio quality/ performance.

F.lli Tatano Snc