Thermo-fireplaces Kalorino KS Pellet-Wood

Kalorino KS - Pellet/Wood

Kalorino: a lifestyle

Range: from 15 to 34 kW heat output

Kalorino: for a natural well-being lifestyle,
heating evenly over areas of the house,
to decorate with style and originality... 


•  Insulated outer structure for a minimum heat loss

•  Closed brazier sealed with cast iron fire plane

•  Large combustion chamber, mechanical burner with auger and heat exchanger with
   tubes and a special geometry, for optimum combustion and high thermal transfer

•  Primary combustion air, controlled automatically, for easy lighting of the brazier

•  Manual operation of the heat exchanger cleaning system
•  Grille tip for an optimum use of the wood

•  Sliding rail system with sliding guides to ensure a soft and silent sliding of the door

•  Panoramic door with ceramic glass resistant to high temperatures, mounted on
   the outside for a broad view of the fire

•  Electronic management system with online help menu for the programmed control
   of the combustion 

•  Integrated Timer mode that allows the choice of programs:
   Daily, weekly and weekend

•  Door glass insulation for domestic hot water operation during the summer

•  Remote assistance service via PC


•  Profile on the border of the brazier to connect with the coatings 

•  Kit for the hot water production

•  Modem for control via mobile phone


→ Installation drawings

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