Thermo-fireplaces Kalorino KS Wood

Kalorino KS - Wood

Tradition, Technology, Power

Range: from 15 to 34 kW heat output

Kalorino, the modern design wood-burning fireplace, is the unique heating system
used for all types of environments. Renewable technologies and customized
solutions provide high performance and low fuel consumption.


•  Insulated outer structure, optimal size of the combustion chamber, refractory fire
   plane and heat exchanger with tubes will ensure high performance with minimum
   power consumption

•  Primary air, adjustable manually or through the thermostatic valve and gas valve for
   easy lighting of the fire
•  Tipper grille for a good wood burning

•  Double combustion connectable to the air hose, to a clean glass and a uniform
   post combustion flue gas

•  Wide open door with two motorized vertical flaps that ensure the tightness of the furnace
   and facilitates the periodic cleaning of the glass

•  Removable hood smokes for easy periodic cleaning

•  Throttle valve to increase the draft

•  Built-in ash tray

•  Exhaust Coil operated through a safety valve

•  Synoptic panel that allows monitoring of the system

•  Customized coating, thanks to the new configuration of the thermo-dynamic components


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