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"Learn by doing" Training

Thanks to the increasing developments in the world of heating, every professional
involved in the application of products acquires increasing responsibilities.
The continuous research for environmentally-friendly heating systems and the energy
conservation have expanded the traditional scope of work for installers.
In this context, is important for Tatano to have a solid training of all its partners which the
basis for the successful brand marketing.
Thanks to various seminars and courses, Tatano provides the theoretical and practical
knowledge about all fundamental concepts.
Courses are offered to all professionals involved in distribution, application and maintenance
of all products Tatano: distributors, technical assistants, equipment installers, in order to
become technical heating specialists.

Moreover, we have developed an innovative technical training program based
on "Learn by doing"

•  Not the usual theoretical lesson but a real session about products and accessories
   you can install and test

•  Thermoregulation systems of each technology type

•  Simulations in reconstructed environments for replacement and new installations

At the end of the course you'll receive a certificate of participation, which allows you to
introduce as Tatano professionals to your customers.

2012 Calendar of Training courses is available in the reserved area of the website,
you can access by applying your online registration form.

The course will confirmed upon receipt of the formal invitation
(about 15 days before the course beginning).

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