Renewable energies


Biomass includes various materials of biological origin which can be used as fuel
to produce energy.
This is a local, clean and renewable resource, easily converted into fuel with high energy power,
locally available and usable on site.

Biomass can be grouped into four main categories:

Forest and industrial wood residues:  from wood maintenance and woodworking

Agricultural by-products:  straw, stalks, branches from pruning, wine branches

Agro-industrial residues:  husks, skins, cores from the food industry

Dedicated Energy crops

Natural heat from biomass

Heat your home and protect nature: this is the best perspective!

When you Heat in a cheap and effective way choosing the biomass as row material
you worry about the future

When you choose a cleverly technology you respect the environment

The heating-edge system Tatano Kalorina helps to preserve the environment

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