Solar panels

Solar systems


Solar energy has always been the preeminent renewable energy source and has become
the symbol of a different way of thinking about energy and economic growth. 
The energy derived from the radiation of the sun to the ground is a huge reservoir of clean
and cheap renewable energy. 
The sun, in just three hours, covers the annual energy requirements of the entire population
Today, thanks to various technologies and systems it's possible to capture and use
real-time this vast and inexhaustible source of energy for heating (solar thermal) or
electricity (photovoltaic).


•  Energy costs Saving on hot water production 

•  Improve your home's energy efficiency

•  Possibility to integrate the system with existing plants, extending boiler life 

•  Significant gains from energy savings. 

•  Adaptability to any type of building and roof

•  High performance and low maintenance 

•  Air pollution reduction

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