Biomass boilers


Biomass boilers are the ideal solutions for homeowners who want to respect the environment.
All boilers have recourse to thirty-year experience of the company in the field of heating
with wood and pellet, supported by ongoing research that warrants a solid product,
easy to use by allowing high heat outputs and low power consumption.

The wide range of products consists of all kinds of biomass available in nature and on all
types of systems, giving you the ideal solution for heating respecting the environment.

From single or duplex family homes to large residential complexes, commercial and
industrial buildings and local heating networks, the company offers the heating system
more suitable for every need: pellet boiler or wood chips, wood or pellets fireplaces,
air generators and large power boilers, available from 23 kW to 2.5 MW of output heat.

In case of space problems you can use it as a boiler room and a local silo inside
a container (Bio solution with containers).

The product range also includes the solar systems for hot water production for domestic
use, the integration of the heating systems, as well as the accessories and components
for the entire system, from the storage systems to the control and management of the
system with devices for exchanging data and remote control.

The company develops and produces innovative heating systems for all types of buildings,
which are distinguished by their excellent quality, energy efficiency and long life.
The technologies used for these products have become essential solutions in the heating fields.

Wood, pellet or wood chips boilers have become "green" and "Environmentally friendly" by
using all fuels that have a minimal impact on the environment and providing high
performances to heat every corner of the home.

By adding our products to a wide range of services, the company offers customized
solutions for all customers needs.

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