The company

The company

TATANO company was founded in the early seventies and over the years has
developed significantly.

TATANO, producing its first boiler Kalorina, took the first step to become a leader in the
advanced thermal field, creating eco-friendly heating solutions through the development of
high technology for energy conversion of wood pellets and biomass from agriculture,
wood processing and forest industry.

Our field of action:

•  Design of biomass and bio-fuels boilers, with output power from 23 kW to 2,5 MW

•  Biomass fireplaces automatically fed

•  Domestic hot water systems that use solar energy to pre-heat water

•  "Turn-key" plants from the hopper to the fireplace

The technological objectives achieved have enabled the company to develop successfully the
National market. The various trade fairs have also contributed to the sales promotion
throughout Europe. The company, by developing technologies for the environment, operates in
full respect of standard UNI EN ISO 14001 that guarantee the maximum respect for the
environment during the entire production process.

Our strong points:

•  Specialized technical staff

•  Close cooperation with leading scientific research centres.

•  Corporate structure that allows immediate decisions and direct contact with customers

•  Adapted solutions to individual customers needs and to any site of installation

•  Simple management system

•  Remote control management

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