Biomass boilers Mini Container

for rental heating systems 

MINI CONTAINER: the new offer of TATANO Services
The offer includes the rental of biomass boilers (water or hot air) pre-installed within the
mini containers as a replacement of the previous heating immediately usable by connecting 
directly to the user’s system by “plug and play”. 
Complete system solutions realized on specific customer requirements and in full compliance
with regulations.

An ideal service for:

•  Temporary Rental: daily, weekly, monthly; 

•  Contract of thermal energy supply with the management service;

•  Contracts of “heat management”:
   ESCo (Mini container in Class 5 /TEE Incentives and Thermal Income);

•  Long-term rental contracts with final sale of the system (Outsourcing).

For the needs of:

Standing or temporary increases in production, ordinary/extraordinary maintenance,
backup units on standby, works to be done in the boiler room, places not equipped for
air-conditioning (warehouses, tensile structures), heating of events (concerts or
sporting events), extemporaneous workplace (construction sites, shipyards, renovations),
unexpected failures.

The advantages of renting the heating systems

•  Heating for immediate use;
•  No capital immobilization and cost recovery in the current year;
•  No obligation of civil works or regulations for construction;
•  Machines always working efficiently, tested before being hired and
    with constructive guarantees;
•  Controlled costs with the possibility of funding;
•  Thermal energy supply contracts with the included management service;
•  Long-term rental contracts with the management and sale service of the system (outsourcing);
•  An efficient service and assistance  (even remotely);
•  The possibility to provide a SLA (Service Level Agreement) to guarantee high
    quality standards of service.


•  Remote service;
•  Remote control;
•  Remote alarm: on the control panel is located a USB output for the connection with
   a PC through Internet. One of our technicians can interact remotely with your boiler to make
   all necessary adjustments.


•  Residential 
•  Commercial
•  Big Places
•  Industrial spaces
•  Greenhouses / Nurseries


•  Wood pellet
•  Olive husks
•  Wood logs


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